2016 April

This month saw a small group concentrate on pulling some coreopsis, agapanthus and planting seven Lomandra at the corner of Genevieve and Cottle Roads before a light shower sent us home after a cuppa. We were rewarded in the slightly wet conditions with the discovery of a Verreaux’s Tree Frog in the leaf letter (Litoria verreauxii).

Litoria verreauxii 20160417_143332Verreaux’s Tree Frog (Litoria verreauxii)

20160417_135627 20160417_141204Planting some Lomandra, among the orchid leaves.

2016 March

First a walk down towards the swamp to see the areas of Bluebell Creeper (Billardiera heterophylla), a West Australian native plant and new weed to most of us, followed by a wander through the grassy areas near the swing and bike jumps to hand pull broom and carefully dig up some gladioli.

alt Bluebell Creeper pods (Alison Towerton) Bluebell Creeper flowers and pods (more info)

(Alison Towerton) (Alison Towerton)             Working near the bike jumps, finding lots of large gladioli

2016 Jan

2016 started with an afternoon at the Boronia Road entrance to Redgum Park.

Boronia Rd – 17 Jan 2016 (P1v1_Boronia). Weeds seen at the entrance include Honeysuckle and Agapanthus.


Boronia Rd – 17 Jan 2016 (P2v1_Boronia). Montbretia removal from amongst the blady grass