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2017 February

The important task of removing agapanthus heads almost filled a bag! We also worked on carefully digging up more formosa lily.

Removing agapanthus heads

Enjoying a cuppa and some great food!


2016 October

This month we tackled some of the watsonia growing adjacent to the road. We also started to cut and paint the bluebell creeper and drag it out and pile it on the edge of the track, this will make dealing with any fallen seed easier to remove.

Removing watsonia

Removing watsonia


Flattening a pile of bluebell creeper

Piles of bluebell creeper on the track

Piles of bluebell creeper on the track

2016 Jan

2016 started with an afternoon at the Boronia Road entrance to Redgum Park.

Boronia Rd – 17 Jan 2016 (P1v1_Boronia). Weeds seen at the entrance include Honeysuckle and Agapanthus.


Boronia Rd – 17 Jan 2016 (P2v1_Boronia). Montbretia removal from amongst the blady grass